Summer flower

Zara shirt / unbranded shorts and belt / Dr. Martens boots / Eiboo bag

Summer is almost over here in the Philippines. It has been raining nowadays, but still I cant bear the hotness. Spent my weekdays with some good friends and took a walk with my sis on weekend. This is my outfit a week ago. Picked a shirt and shorts randomly since that day was super hot.
Living in a small city is not that fun compare to the big ones. But, it's still relaxing and surely no traffic jam! How's your last weekend? I spent the whole day with some Indonesian peeps, went snorkeling and swimming in 2 different Islands. Nothing can beat this! Pictures will be on the next post.
Hope everyone have a good Monday! :)


Yajaira said...

love the shorts - cute


oomph. said...

Love those pink shoes! I bet the water and islands are really pretty there.


Shirley said...

cute outfit!
i just following you, mind to follow back?
take care!


Steven Brown said...

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Shinly Fransisca said...

beauty boots <3


Melissa Tjioe ♥ said...

loving your flowers short.
and that doc martens boot also


clara thomas said...

omg super love your shocking pink boots <3


Anna said...

I am in love with your sense of style! Those boots are great! I cant wait for it to be summer where i am!