Give your heart a break

Emporio Armani crop shirt / Whyzein "tinkerbell" dress / Mulberry bag / Mario D'obro loafer

Unbranded biker jacket / Accessorize scarf / Forever21 jeans / Zara shoes / Mulberry bag  

Vintage skirt, bag, shirt / gifted necklace 

Fendi crop top / Safira jeans / Fossil bag / Mario D'obro loafer / gifted necklace

So, this is my first post ever for the sem-break. Hahaha i know im such a lazy butt :p
Well, no need to inform you that college is hella crazy and i had no time to write loooong post. I just simply posted on facebook and shared the pics on it as well. And all our efforts are paid off since its sembreak already! Yay! I have made plans for this break, hopefully i can accomplish them in the end of the break! :)

Those are the pics got captured by my sister. I even have no idea when those were taken. If you could see from the pics, I got tanned here when the summer started last April. I kept trying to whiten my skin like before but it seemed like tan is better! Hehe..

Have a wonderful break everyone! :)

xo, Diva

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