Hello sunshine!

Hey sweet!
It has been long long looong time since my latest post. Hahaha...
Im the laziest blogger in the world! :p and I do apologize, I dont have enough time to type my story and then upload the pictures. January and February are busy months for me and for my school. A lots of examination are waiting me and I have to pass all of them and get good scores!
These outfit are refreshing my weekend, altough actually I haven't yet gotten my holiday until the National Examination that will be held on mid of April. Fiuhhh..

Unbranded yellow dress / unbranded skinny belt / Topshop cardigan / Retail Therapy tassel clogs

And I got Stylish Blogger Award from Fashion in the Fog. Cool! I really appreciated :D
I will post it on my next post. C u!

Love, xo