Polka Attack

What I wore :
every dress . dual tone stocking . unbranded wedges shoes . etnic necklace



Today, I was happy! I dont know why. Maybe because my boy and I went to some place and walked around and bla bla bla :DD
I bought a new necklace and a vintage glasses. I like them so much :)

furry uncle necklace from Adorablestore, a vintage glasses and happiness necklace

tadaaa! haha


M I S S :*

kyaaaa long time no see ;p
I just wanna say, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year :)

Mmmm now I starting to be a good bussines woman, yeah I love bussines so much. I feel happy when some people buy my things ( I think everybody feel the same with me ) haha :D
You know what? I wanna have a boutiqe or label clothing. But just 1 problem! Money! haha. So, from now I will save my profit and I hope I can reach my dream! Fight! :D



2 ways

Had a photoshoot with some friends. What a fun day :)

What I wore :
colorfull dress - dual tone stocking - kulkith shoes
hard puff top - hiwaist skirt - dual tone stocking - black ankle boot