Grey salmon

Hello sweet! How's your weekend? Mine was great! :D
Wanna shared about my friend's birthday party last week. Haha.. I dont have enough time to post everyday, maybe only do blogwalking. Hehe..
This is a quick post from me, I have a lot of homework that I have to do. And next thursday, I will have a term test! Wish me luck, sweet! :)

Me, Nungki, Dara

. Lace backless dress - bought in Bandung . Unbranded salmon tights . Shoezisme daisy wedges . Flowery handbag worn as clutch - bought at KickFest .
Last tuesday, I had a photoshoot and will share on the next post soon! :)
Oh ya, thankyou for all of you who had followed me and commented on my blog! I really appreciate it :)
Maybe you can follow my twitter here. Thankyou once again :)

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2 in 1

Hello sweet!
Long time no see, Im so busy right now. Too many homeworks and exercise that I have to do. *sigh
A week ago, I did survey to my photo catalogue with my bestfriends. So happy I could have a quality time with them :)

Unbranded black tanktop . Thrifted see-through shirt . Unbranded skinny belt . Zara khakis pants . Guess vintage bag . Ruffles shoes - Metro .

Nov 16th, my boyfie had a birthday. Gave him a surprise party and had a fun then. Happy birthday, my dear! Have a blast!

Nude loose tanktop - CosmoGirl bonus . Unbranded grey jegging . YK nude wooden heels . Cotton Ink turqouise shawl . Murberry sling bag .

Really love with this peep-toe wooden heels and my Murberry sling bag. This bag has really nice fabrics, authentic leather and its so cool! :)

O ya today is  Harry Potter - Deathly Hallows part 1's premiere guys! Have you seen this movie? Im a Harry Potter's freak, but I haven't seen yet! hahaha.. Yes because Im so busy busy busy right now, hope I can see this movie soon! Happy weekend, sweet!
Lumos Maxima!

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Top 19 teen bloggers

Hey sweet! How's your day?
A few days ago, I've just found my blog that was nominated on Top 19 teen bloggers. That's so awesome! Horaaayyy :D
I didn't expect, I would be nominated there.

For all of you, please vote me! If you dont mind of course. Hehe..
I will be very glad if you do. Click here to vote me :)

. Unbranded military pants . Abstract tees - bought in Malaysia . Cotton-Ink krey shawl . Mulberry sling bag . Ruffles shoes - bought at Metro .

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Only pray..

Recently, Indonesia gets a lot of natural disasters. Earthquake and tsunami in Mentawai, flash food in Wasior and then Eruption of Merapi is the hottest news.
Merapi has erupted for this week. I was horrified when I saw many news on TV.
As you know, Merapi is one of the activest of eruption mountain in the world. Many volunters go to the Jogja and surroundings to check and help the victims.
Yesterday, I saw the thick and black clouds that called "Wedhus Gembel" in front of my class. For your information, my class in second floor of my school and I live in Semarang. Too far from Merapi mountain.
There was dust rain after erupting and today there was dust rain in my city. It was so terrible!
These are the picture after erupting, I got from Indonesian Online Newspaper.

Black and thin clouds called "Wedhus Gembel". Its temperature is 600 degree celcius

The volunters

Dear God, please dont continue and please stop :'(
To all my friends, all of Indonesian people, all of people in the world, please pray for Indonesia. We are human, same. We are family. Please dont stop to pray and help. Indeed, we cant reply your kindness but Im sure, God will give you all a million kindness too :)

xo, Diva