30th on 24th!

24th Sept, my bf and me are 2,5 years officially! :) Wish us all the best and longlast. Amin :*
Spent our day by going to the mall and had a great times.
And yey I have a new vintage glasses like I used in my pictures. Not just a glasses but a glasses to read. My eyes are miopi, actually. Hehe..

Unbranded long black blazer . Assymetrical loose shirt - bought in KickFest . Unbranded grey jegging . Clogs boots - Shoezisme . Brown vintage sling bag - Mulberry .



Find - Found - Finding

Bought funny glasses and got best finding in Pasar Senen. Low prices but high-quality if you were a smart and patient buyer. hehe..

do you see the details? legs with stocking in the glasses ;p
Shopped in Pasar Senen and got 4 unpredictable clothes! A see-thru black shirt, a turqoise blazer, a suede nude blazer (really love it! like never use before) and  a polka white pants (can wear it in many ways :D).
Cant wait to wear them! :)

Unbranded t-shirt . Unbranded tied belt . Polka white rolled up pants - Pasar Senen . Daisy wedges - Shoezisme
xo, Diva


Useless - useful

Had a great saturday-night with my bestfriends! Spent times by going to Inul Vista. Singing and having fun! :)
Then, went to Parcy to have a dinner. Actually, we rarely have a great times for having fun together because of our busy activities.
I guess, it will be useless if we always meet and have fun together but no sense. Hmm it will be better and useful if we meet and have fun rarely but we have a quality and great times and moment.. :)
Love you guys! *hug

Uniek and me sang a song :p

Unbranded hi-waist pants . Nude wooden heels - YK . Nude bodysuit - Topshop . Krey dark navy shwal - Cotton Ink



Happy Eid Mubarak 1431H!

I just wanna say...
Happy Eid Mubarak 1431H!
Please forgive me for all my mistakes that i did accidently or not. :)

Before Lebaran, I did a "mudik", like go back to hometown or village. And I went to Jakarta! Hahaha.
Yes because most of my big family and my grandma live there. :)
First day of Lebaran, I went to my aunty's home. Met with all of my big fams and I was so happy :)

Polka dress - Every . Unbranded gray leggings . Wooden wedges - Yongki Komaladi . Moms vintage bag. Turqoise Classic Shawl - Cotton Ink .

A lot of Lebaran cakes! Hmm yummy...

Bought many funny glasses and many clothes hehe. I will share on the next post! :)




How do you feel when you heard about friendship? How do you feel when you had friend(s) who always care and love?
I have friends. Of course. A lot, I think. But bestfriends? Hmm I dont think so.
I wanna share something that always in my mind.
Dear, my friend.
Sometimes, I feel so uncomfort when I had a time with you, friend.
I dont know why and what.
Sometimes, I love and I care about you but sometimes not. Sometimes I hate when met you, talked with you.
I know, you are my friend. But now I feel, you were my friend. Im so sorry, friend.
Fyi, I really miss you. Really really miss. Please come back and be my "old" friend...



Three squares of dream

A set of dreams :)

Miu-miu cat print shoes

Victor and Rolf platform ankle boots


New Babies

Yeyyy! I received my orders from Shoezisme. My new babies are soooo comfort and cool! Really love it!
Wanna wear them soon hehe


My new babies :)

xo, Diva


Had a fun

Had a fun break-fasting with my boy in Parcy and bought a Yongki Komaladi wedges. Yayyy!
Happy Sunday :)

Black tees - from my bf . Electric blue baggy pants - Labelle Boutique . Black flat shoes - PIM . Marc Jacob tote bag . Deer necklace - ITC Kuningan . Unbranded scraft .

Was taken by my boyfriend
After eating, we went to ACE Hardware. Just took a look hehe
And I was surprised with interior and equipment that they sell. Really unique and adorable. Falling in love with them! I think, I have to save my money to buy them. Hahaha
This is the photos that I took there. Actually, we are not allowed to take picture, but I did hehehe

Yeeyyy, my new wedges! I love it and my boy love it too :p

My new Yongki Komaladi wedges! :D

xo, Diva


RocknRoll, absolutely

Went to Dara - my best friend's birthday party in Horapa, Parcy with Black Party theme. I was happy and here we goes :)

Leather pants -Vanessa . Unbranded tees . Brown platform heels - ITC Kuningan . Moms vintage bag
Me - Dara - Nungki

Waiting my new babies from Shoezisme. Yippieeeeee :p