Happy 2nd anniversary :)

Kyaaaaaa I was happy! 24th March 2008 - 24th March 2010 HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY my lovely boy :)
I always hope the best for us. YOU & ME = US!
ilym :)

And that day, I found the heart old leaf wow


Long Holiday

Last Monday and Tuesday I spent my holi with my besties. Went to the same mall and the same person but Im happy :)

What I wore :
black jeans . print tee . cropped denim jacket . oxford shoes

Smooch - Love,


SP full of stories

Some my new stuffs :)

acid wash socks
I wore this last saturday :)

Diva Putri Wulandari

my order from Momo Shop

member card of Momo Shop

flowery stocking. I love it so much!

Yesterday, in Super Penyet Resto. Vira's birthday! Happy birthday honeyyy, wish you all the best! :)

classic waited their order haha they looked hungry kriuk ;p

me, Dara

me, Ciwi, Dara, Nungki

me, Nungki, Vira, Ciwi, Dara, Amalia

What I wore :
basic white tee . black hotpants . flowery stocking . oxford shoes

Smooch - Love,

Sing songs!

Leo's birthday. Spent that times with NL. I love you guys :)

me, my boy :)

tadaaaa! my handmade zipper ring ( I think, I will sell this one :) )

When sang Sahabat Sejati - SO7

What I wore :
dual-tone legging by de.cada.dia . leo print tee . long vest . oxford shoes by Cindya

Smooch - Love,


Orange Cafe

My friends' birthday (Angga, Nita, Elia). Happy Birthday guys! muah :*

me, Dara

Dara, Nungki, Ciwi, Devi, me

classic :)

What I wore :
pink tanktop . abstract scraft . latex jacket . jeans pants . maria claire shoes


heyhoooo I really missing my blog! ;*
Too busy to post hihi. Okey many story that I want to share with you. One by one and one post by one post :)

smooch, diva :)


Deep Blue

Yesterday, I received my order from Cindya Syaifullana. I like it! Thanks cind :)




Yesterday 25th Feb, went to my dad's tomb. Missing you dad :(
And after that, went to my grandparents' house and then dinner at Java Supermall. Yuhuu I bought some rings, I like the orange one! :D

My mom :)

in my grandparents' house

my new rings :)

What I wore :
black jeans . army with zipper tee . latex jacket . mom's bag . furry uncle necklace from Adorablestore


What I wore :
Lace dress . Studd blazer . de.cada.dia dual tone legging . Gosh shoes . mom's bag