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Hi! How are you doing? Fine, huh? Im not-that-great recently. I've been having hard time to manage my day in one week between study for exam, do my project, prepare for presentation, and relaxing. See? even its ratio is like 3:1! LOL
i think, 24 hours in one day and 7 days in one week seem not enough for me. Yet, Im so thankful with the blessings that God gives. no matter how hard it is, i still can handle those things. Alhamdulillah :)

Have been in rush for few weeks, I decided to have my-time last saturday and found this challenge from DhieVine by Dika, #aDivawhoblogs. It seems like my name! Hahaha :p
It's quite interesting since they have 3 prizes for the lucky one.
It supposed to close last week, however they gave extra time until this sunday. I think, there is no problem to join this challenge, ryte? :p

First time I knew about this gorgeous brand was last year or 2 years ago when I read Diana Rikasari's blog and saw one of her outfits in her newest post at that time is from DhieVine by Dika. Excited, I open the link and took a look of their products on facebook. Well, all their products were so adorable! Seriously, I was about to buy, but i remembered if I just shopped one day before. Okay, my bad luck was with me.
I like their stuffs. Seriously. It is not a promo or a sponsor or because of the challenge I said before, okay it is still challenge post, but, believe me! They have a high quality and brilliant concept for a local brand. Adorable!
Mixing between traditional pattern and girly concept, they totally made it!

Fortunately, one year ago, one of my "bussiness" friend - Afina asked me to be her assistant when her online store joined a bazaar plus seminar in Suara Remaja. I thought It would be fun to help her plus I got a new experience and immediately accepted her offer.
On the day, I met a lot of online store or brand in that event which one of them was Dhievine by Dika.
Looking at their concept was just exciting and made me want to buy but, again, I've just shopped a days before. In that opportunity, I knew the owner as well, Dika, who explained every single part of Dhievine. She was so lovely!

A signature dress, a signature top and a tote bag will be the prizes. I would be happy if I would be the one who got those prizes. In the Philippines especially in my place, we need to wear simple yet fashionable clothes! Really, it is the hottest place i ever lived in! Everyday is summer here. All my clothes that I brought from Indonesia which half of them, more on layers and thick fabrics, is kept silent in my wardrobe room.
So, it would be fun if I could wear those prizes to the campus. Rite? Simple, awesome and fashionable!

Inspired by Christmas color, I decided to wear this silver oxford. Found these cute silver oxford in small store here and bought it ryte away! :D

 Forever 21 tanktop / Thrifted bandage skirt / Esquire clutch / Giorgio Armani maxi cardigan

Interested to know more about Dhievine by Dika? You can follow their blog and twitter or like their fanpage on facebook .

OR if you live in Semarang, you can just visit their tenant actually at Cliquemates.  I bet you, you will be drooling ur eyes looking at their adorable stuffs! :)

xo, Diva.



Wow! It's already December. Time flies so faaaasssttt!
I've been spending almost of my days with study, study and study. And shopping of course! Looking these gorgeous nail polishes, should I buy one of them?
Shopping is kinda medicine for girls, huh? Room around the stores and find the cool thing(s) are really addicting for me and also online-shopping! Who's agree with me? :)
Just found my wardrobes room overloaded of clothes, bags and shoes. OMG!  What should I do? Anyone wants to adopt those? Hahaha.

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xo, Diva