Rain - Classic

Saturday night, my besties and I got chance to spent our sn in Classic Cafe. Yeah, same name with my class' name.

What I wore :
. Every dress . de.cada.dia dual tone legging . Gosh shoes . postman bag .


Lose - Boge

Yesterday, I received my order from de.cada.dia by Bethany Putri. I like it so muuuucchhh :)

black-white dual tone legging

When Liga Smapa, there was rain and because it my team got lose. But still fighting! Yuhuuuuuuu :D

me and Ciwi

me and my cousin

our team

streching! 1 2 3 ..

our captain

we always support :)

ran ran ran

our goal keeper

got lose but happy :)

What I wore :
. corduroy brown shortpant . Malaysia t-shirt . scraf . Billabong sandals . Classic jacket


Prepare to Smapa League!

Today at 4 p.m my class will play. The first competition! Pray us :)
Hope my class' team will win! amiiiiiiiin :)

NB : The photos will upload next post. Waaiiiit xoxo



This time was different. Felt like I was just a victim. And it cut me like a knife


Perfect SN :)

Last Saturday 23 january, I saw Liga Smapa again and my boy's football team won! Yippieee :). After that, my boy and I had dinner until 6 p.m.
At 7 p.m Diana, my best friend invited me to go to Loe'Dji Cafe.

ciwi - devi - nita - diana - me

nita - ciwi - devi - diana - me

diana - me - devi

diana - imo

discussed about something xoxo :)

haha my muscle :D

What I wore :
. leopard legging . barong shirt . scraft .



This afternoon, I had a plan to meet my customers in 2 places. I went there with my boy. And one of two places, I would meet with my customer and she is my boy's ex in the past. WOW! I felt nothing haha but I dont know my boy's feeling. Nothing ot something? hmm I think nothing because when we met her, he just quiet and smile ( little ) hehe. Sippirily! I loveeeeee :)
After met my customers, My boy and I went to school to see Liga Smapa again. There was rain and too cold for me.

What I wore :
. grey pant . tee . scraft . Gosh black shoes . Brown bag from Aussie .


Smapa League

Yesterday, my school held an event called Smapa League . Liga Smapa is football competition between first grade and second grade. Everyclass represented by 1 team and for girl must be cheerleader for their team. And yesterday is the first competition. My boy's class got the chance to be first. And off course I saw. But I could not wait there until finished because there was chemistry courses at 4 p.m. And you know what? My boy's team won! The score was 5-3 :)

I wore this but I could not take my style yesterday because no one could take xoxo

This is it! I made this tatto ( DIY ) with henaa from Arab



Brown Day

Two days ago, I went to my aunt's home because there was my aunt from US there. My mom ask me to came there and chat and ask her about US's life xoxo :)
Finally, I decided to go there and went there by taxi because my mom went to my aunt's home this morning.
After arrived, I took photos immadietly. And this is it!

me, my aunt from US, Nico, Sekar - my little sister, my aunty

From there, I went to William Both Hospital ( Central Java Eye Centre ). What for I went there? Because my glasses broke and I cant see well haha.
And then I went to Optic and choosed new glasses.

This is my new glasses!

Tadaaaaaa! This is me ( ugly, isn't it? ) hahaha

What I wore :
. white tee . black jeans . vintage bag . scraft . watch . brown ankeboots .


BALI full of memories

Hey, people!
5 days ago 7th december, I went to Bali Island with all my friends. Hmm so excited there. We went some place in Bali like Legian, Kuta, Dreamland, Tanjung Benoa etc. We also saw Barong dance and they are so amazing. I like!
I came back this mornig at 7 a.m ( WIB time off course ).

I will give you some photos in Bali. CHECK THEM OUT! :)

tanjung kodok


What I wore :
. diery tee . maroon shortpant . billabong sandals . zebra bag .

Tanah Lot

tanah lot

spiritual snake

me and Dara

in Dreamland

starbucks Legian

xoxo :)


What I wore :
. klik - klok shop shredded tee . DIY shortpants . DIY acid wash shawl . billabong sandals . zebra bag .

with bali dancer

with mrs Niken and bali dancer

with my boy :)

I like this!

barong dance

me and Dara

me and Nungki

Nungki, me, Diana, Dara, Nita and Ciwi ( what are you doing ciwi? haha )

in Kintamani with Mr. Ari - tour guide during in Bali ( we miss you Mr :) )


What I wore :
. unbranded yellow tee . shawl ( I bought in Sukawati - art market ) only $1 . pants . billabong sandals . studded pad blazer . zebra bag .

DIY square ring

with all my teachers

with my boy - in speed boat around beratan lake

beautifull beratan lake or bedugul