Hey sweet!
Today is third day on March. So far so good :)
One week ago, I did a photoshot with my boyf. Got a lots of places to take pictures. It was so fun to find extreme or extraordinary place together :D
I wore simple and comfortable outfit. Will wear un-ordinary outfit next time! Haha.

Thrifted crop top / Labelle Boutique II's velvet military jacket / Zara pants / Retail Therapy clogs

As I said on previous post, I got Stylist Blogger Award fromHolly Golightly of Fashion in the Fog and The Versatile Blogger Awards from Ribka Vanessa of Miles Apart Im really sorry, I couldn't give the awards to another bloggers, because I think they have gotten the same awards from another bloggers. Haha.

I'm very happy to know that I was choosen as Stylish Blogger Award and The Versatile Blogger Award :D Thankyou so much!
These are 7 things about my self that I have to share with you all guys because this is the rules of those awards :D

1. I'm a senior high school student and now Im at third grade
2. I'm a moody person. Sometimes I cheerful but sometimes you will see devil on me. Haha
3. I really like shopping! My mom always complain about this habit and she always ask me to stop shopping! I said yes, but I still do shopping! Hahaha. How a naughty girl I am :p
4. I'm in a relationship now and this months we will celebrate our 3rd years anniversary :)
5. Sometimes I confused what I will wear tomorrow and the next day --"
6. I'm going to work in New York 5 years ago. Insya Allah, amien :)
7. When I was a child (9 years old) , I have 2 fashion design sketchbooks. Can you imagine? I love fashion so much!

Thankyou so much for reading and giving super cool comments! Im really sorry, I cant reply. Dont have enough time, Im really busy and difficult to get time to do blogging. Love you all guys :)

Love, xo