Good bye 2010

Hey sweet!
Counting the days until New Year Eve! 1 day more! Excited :D
Lately, I've been thinking, talking to myself about me, my life, my future life and anything. About achievement during this year.
A lot of moments happened in this year, in 2010. Have I reached some goals in this year? I think, not really. I dont know exactly, maybe Im too young or too childish to think about hard life out there.
And now, Im aware about all of my life. Yes, I have to be care. I didn't remember what I had done, maybe only a few.
1. I could earn my money by myself. I sold a lot of (really a lot of) stuffs and goods in my online shop. My mom said that I had a really good enterpreuner soul. Yes, and I admit it.
2. I could buy anything that I want by my self too. And the most important point, I could stay by myself almost 1 years without my mom's money. I think, thats great! :D
3. My school was good in this year. Really good! I got 3rd ranking in the class. Alhamdulillah :) But dont get satisfied easily! Keep studying and do the best!
4. In 2010, Im 17 years old. Had ID card, driving license and Im realize that Im older. Haha..
I cant remember all of the moments that I got, but next year? I will! :D
Thinking about make a resolution for 2011. Hmm...I will tell you on the next post! :D

xo, Diva


Coral on Blue

Hey sweet!
Yesterday was 33th months anniversary with my bf. Alhamdulillah :)
Spent our afternoon by watching Tron Legacy. Really cool and you guys should watch! Wore my fav v-neck shirt. My bf and I have same v-neck shirt like this. Mine is coral and he has a turquoise one!

Zara Man coral v-neck . Forever21 zipper skinny jeans . Cotton Ink krey shawl . Marc by Marc Jacob tote bag . Yongki Komaladi nude wooden wedges .

Today is Christmas! Merry Christmas for all of you who celebrating. I wish I had snow in my country. Eventough I dont celebrate, I like Christmas atmosphere :)
I joined a giveaway from Marisa Noelle of Shades of Monet. She has a necklace inspired by Lewis Carroll's. Really cute, right? So what are you waiting for? Join here!

Smooch - Love,



Hey sweet!
Today is the beginning of school holiday in my country. Yippieee! How about you? However I have to take an extra lesson in this week, actually only 4 days. Hehe
Hmm..Do you know? I got third ranking in my class! Alhamdulillah, thanks God :)

As you know on my previous post about AFF, Indonesia joined this football match and last night Indonesia's team played on semifinal match, Indonesia vs Philliphines. And you know what? Indonesia won 1-0! What a blast! :)
I dont know, Im really proud of Indonesia's team. They played very well and we love it!
Played around with my clothes one day before the football match. Actually, I wore these red-white stuffs accidentally, without purpose in order that have a similarity with Indonesia flag. Hehe..

As seen on these pictures, I took these in front of my new bedroom wall. Decorated the wall with wall sticker, like wallpaper and I did it myself. It is look great and cute, isn't it? :)

Big girl loose shirt - Labelle Butique's gift . Vintage studded red blazer . Unbranded wrinkle socks . Shoezisme daisy wedges

Smooch - Love,


Rock your world

Hey sweet!
How's your weekend? A few days ago, I had a little photoshoot with rock theme. And I tried to edit this photo by my self. Haha..
Actually, Im not good at editing photo, but no problem :D
What do you think, sweet?

Vintage tube top . Zipper leather pants - Vanessa . Unbranded leather jacket

Make up : My self. I used Revlon purple eyeshadow, Maybelline eyeliner, Maybelline Foundation and compact powder, Christian Dior purple lipstick.

Smooch - Love,



Hey sweet!
Finally, my first term test was over and now Im waiting for my report. I hope my score will be better, amin!
Christmas is getting near and I will have Christmas party in my English course, English First. I dont celebrate Christmas, actually, because Im Moslem. But why not? Hehe. Its like respect and appreciate with other religion, right?
Last friday, I was invited with my friend to come to her party. Small party but we had a tons of fun there. Will share these pics with you all, sweet!


Topshop nude leotard . Thrifted hi-waist skirt . Unbranded black shawl . Shoezisme nude platform wedges . Pink clutch - bonus from Kotex .

What will you do this week, sweet? Maybe, Im going to have a photoshoot again. Will try a different place and style for photoshoot. Any suggest? :)

Smooch - Love,


Sweet as candy

Hello sweet!
Actually I wanna post something a few days ago, but I did confused what I wouldl talk about. Spent my times after studying for first term test with read my new Elle magazine. And I've just found a page that I love most!
Will share about my "love feeling" with these one, sweet as candy :)

Miu-Miu Resort 2011 collection. These are awfully gorgeous! Like I said, they're sweet as candy. Polkadot pattern, love pattern, stripes pattern and apples pattern. Cant stop to see them all!

Which one do you like most? Tell me, sweet! :D

Smooch - Love,



Hello sweet! How's your saturday night today?
One hour ago, my boyfriend and I spent our times by watching football match between Indonesia and Laos on television of course ;p
Actually, I dont really like football match, but my boyf asked me to accompany him watching this match. During the football match, I just read my Elle magazine! Haha..
And you know what? Indonesia's team won (6-0)! Woowww ;p
Yeah, you know that Indonesia's football team is getting worse recently years. But in AFF at the moment, Indonesia's team won twice times, first with Malaysia and now with Laos. Congrats! :)

Hmm.. as my promise, Im going to share about my last photoshoot with my friend, Rio Octa. These are the photos, give me your honest comment :)

Vintage dark blue shirts . Bloop-endorse zipper skirt . Shoezisme clog boots . DIY ribbon clip worn as tie . Sachs Lederwaren leather bags .

He took these photos when I had read Teen Vogue magazine ;p

I still having the first term test this week, sorry for late update. :'(
Enjoy your weekend sweet! :)

Smooch - Love,