Almost Halloween

Hey little sweet!
I miss blogging. Too many stories that I will share with you all guys. Okay I will tell you about my mid-term scores first :D
My scores are almost perfect except mathematic lesson! I dont know why I so stupid if I see and do mathematic test. Poor me!
I got 100 for English , 99 for physic , 90 for biology, 90 for chemistry! I was so happy! Eventough, I got 65 for mathematic. Haha..
But it's fine, I will study harder again.

Last week, I was invited by my best friend, Diana to come to her sweet seventeen birthday party.Sweet party, and I was crying when she blew 17th candles from me. Enjoy your new age, Diana! :)

Dara - Nungki - Diana - me - Hasna

. Jeans republic zipper bodycon dress . Flowery handbag worn as clutch . Shoezisme platform wedges .

I really like my platform wedges from Shoezisme. So comfy and when I wore it like wearing a flat shoes. Love it!
Today was my mother's birthday. Happy Birthday, mom! I always love you :")
How's your halloween, sweet?
I didn't go anywhere this halloween, because Im getting sick now. :(
Happy Halloween all! :)

xo, Diva


Am I fanatic?

Hey sweet! Wanna share about fanatic something to you. One week ago, I went to my idol concert. Ok actually not like concert, but like emmm a Fun Bike events. Hehe..
Let you know who my idol is. Jreng Jreeenngg *drumroll
For all of you who dont know about him. He is a man singer come from Indonesia. I really like and love him! He has beautiful voice and also handsome face hehehe..
Altough that day was a really sunny day until my skin got tanned but no problem, i really enjoyed and felt so satisfied! :D

Before leaving hotels, hand-shaked with him. Happy!

Me and my best friends, Nungki

. Assymetrical top - ITC Kuningan . Gaudi rolled up khakis pants . Black ankle boots - bought from Cindya . Mulberry sling bag . DIY cleopatra necklace .

xo, Diva


Biology vs Bodysuit

Hey sweet! Im having a mid term test now, wanna know more? :p
Last monday, the schedule was mathematic, citizen lesson and javanese. Difficult but I could do.
And then tuesday, physic and history. Physic was done well but history? I could not do! I dont know why, but I dont really like -__-"
Wednesday, chemistry and electricity lesson. I could do chemistry easily! ;p
And todaaay, biology and sport lesson. I love Biology! Seriously, so I could do it very well :D

I really really like my Topshop nude bodysuit! I have been falling in love since I found and saw it. Wanna wear it everyday. Hehe..
Mixed with my abstract scraft in 3 ways. Which one do you like? :)

. Topshop nude bodysuit .Bloop-endorse skirt . Unbranded abstract scraft . Shoezisme clogs boots . Marc Jacob tote bag .

I've edited my blog. I need almost 2 hours to edit my blog. Fiuh, so tired!
What do you think? Better or not? :)
If you like my blog, follow me please and I will follow you back! :D

xo, Diva



. Zara loose dress . Unbranded tied belt . Unbranded acidwashed socks . Custom made platform . Mom's vintage bag .

If you get a bad situation or something that bother you or if you are hopeless, what will you do?

I think, you should pray and think about it. Do the best and believe in God and everything will be ok...:)

xo, Diva


White - Blacky.

Went to my friend's birthday in SP last wednesday. Happy Birthday, friend! Have a blast.. :)
Can you guess about party's theme? :p

. Zara loose dress was worn as top . Thrifted polka rolled up pants . Unbranded tiny belt . Unbranded black oxford shoes. Marc Jacob tote bag .

Im so sorry for bad photos. No lighting there :(
Still spending my times with study and study. Ah I need resfreshing right now! But it is a must, right? Im a 3rd grade SHS student, and I have to study harder, harder and harder.
Sometimes, I give motivation for my self and think "I have to hard working now and if I do, I will get a great result and have a great future." :)
Wish me luck, guys!

xo, Diva


Busy Sunday

Yesterday, I spent my sunday by studying at school. Still preparing for Mid Term Test.
Studied physic and chemistry for 4 hours and after that, went to music studio for practicing an arransement song. So tired! :(
And last week was busy week. A lot of exercise, homework and test! I had no time to refresh my mind and my body. Fiuhhh...
Took some pictures when we had a rest times. Here we go...

Like these photo a lot!

Smooch - Love,


Happy Batik Day!

2nd October is Indonesian Batik Day. Dont forget to wear your batik today and everyday! :)

Today, when I went to school, I wore these Batik Shoes from Kulkith. Im proud to be Indonesian! :)
Indonesia has a lot of culture, traditional work of art, tradition and many more. One of  popular work of art is Batik! Wear batik = proud to be Indonesian... :)

Kulkith shoes

Last night, I played around with make up! I felt scary when I was looking my self in the mirror. Haha...