Summer flower

Zara shirt / unbranded shorts and belt / Dr. Martens boots / Eiboo bag

Summer is almost over here in the Philippines. It has been raining nowadays, but still I cant bear the hotness. Spent my weekdays with some good friends and took a walk with my sis on weekend. This is my outfit a week ago. Picked a shirt and shorts randomly since that day was super hot.
Living in a small city is not that fun compare to the big ones. But, it's still relaxing and surely no traffic jam! How's your last weekend? I spent the whole day with some Indonesian peeps, went snorkeling and swimming in 2 different Islands. Nothing can beat this! Pictures will be on the next post.
Hope everyone have a good Monday! :)



My favorites from  MAC Summer 2012 Hey, Sailor! Collection. Aren't they too cute? :)

source : Teenvogue


Black and Yellow

Forever 21 zipper jeans / My own design blazer / Fossil bag / Retail Therapy tassels clogs

The weather was so nice for summer in the Philippines, not too hot, not too cold. It's freaking hot nowadays. Still amazed how Filipinos could bare with the hotness. Ah, never mind with that. Haha.
Ergo, I felt like I wanted to wear something casual yet colorful by adding this yellow blazer and wearing these sunnies to take a walk with my sis last weekend. I designed this blazer around 2 years ago and I really like the result, with the black lining and scalop. Simple + stunning! :D
And how's your summer? :)

xo, Diva



I've been into masculine or boy stuffs lately. These street style are enough to show you how cool boy's stuffs are. Leather, softball jacket and any idea what else? :)

source : Jak and Jil

xo, Diva.