Had a fun

Had a fun break-fasting with my boy in Parcy and bought a Yongki Komaladi wedges. Yayyy!
Happy Sunday :)

Black tees - from my bf . Electric blue baggy pants - Labelle Boutique . Black flat shoes - PIM . Marc Jacob tote bag . Deer necklace - ITC Kuningan . Unbranded scraft .

Was taken by my boyfriend
After eating, we went to ACE Hardware. Just took a look hehe
And I was surprised with interior and equipment that they sell. Really unique and adorable. Falling in love with them! I think, I have to save my money to buy them. Hahaha
This is the photos that I took there. Actually, we are not allowed to take picture, but I did hehehe

Yeeyyy, my new wedges! I love it and my boy love it too :p

My new Yongki Komaladi wedges! :D

xo, Diva


Agustina Selviana said...

love your pants <3<3 pengen yg kaya gitu tp gak dapet2 deh haha cool wedges :)


Diva Putri said...

hihi di on shop fb banyak dear :p
thankyou :)