How do you feel when you heard about friendship? How do you feel when you had friend(s) who always care and love?
I have friends. Of course. A lot, I think. But bestfriends? Hmm I dont think so.
I wanna share something that always in my mind.
Dear, my friend.
Sometimes, I feel so uncomfort when I had a time with you, friend.
I dont know why and what.
Sometimes, I love and I care about you but sometimes not. Sometimes I hate when met you, talked with you.
I know, you are my friend. But now I feel, you were my friend. Im so sorry, friend.
Fyi, I really miss you. Really really miss. Please come back and be my "old" friend...



mariska said...

halo blogger satu kota..


Diva Putri said...

helloooo :)
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