Find - Found - Finding

Bought funny glasses and got best finding in Pasar Senen. Low prices but high-quality if you were a smart and patient buyer. hehe..

do you see the details? legs with stocking in the glasses ;p
Shopped in Pasar Senen and got 4 unpredictable clothes! A see-thru black shirt, a turqoise blazer, a suede nude blazer (really love it! like never use before) and  a polka white pants (can wear it in many ways :D).
Cant wait to wear them! :)

Unbranded t-shirt . Unbranded tied belt . Polka white rolled up pants - Pasar Senen . Daisy wedges - Shoezisme
xo, Diva


Agustina Selviana said...

diva! lucu2 banget, blazernya look so great! ah pengen deh ahaha


Diva Putri said...

hihi thankyouuuu :)

Watie Khan said...

Hey Putri, its watie here from Malaysia, LOVE the funny glasses tht u have bought at Pasar Senen, is it like heaven there at Pasar Senen for vintage lovers ? :)

Diva Putri said...

yes, it is :D