Welcome Philippines :)

It has been loooonggggg time since I posted. I'm the laziest blogger! Haha
I've graduated from high school already. Yayyy! I'm not a high school student anymore. LOL
And now, I'm in the Philippines to continue my study. Actually, I've been to Philippines, but I didn't have time to post in my blog. So, this is my second chance to go here. And I'm going to stay here for almost 4 years.
Ok, say hello to Philippines!

I promise, I will post an outfit post as soon as I can :D


Chelsea Lane said...

congrats on graduating! wowww so amazing that you are in the philippines! can't wait for your outfit post :)


Flopy said...

Congratulation!! Don´t worry about the outfit post I will wait :)
I hope you post it soon!!

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Keziiaiueo said...

Congratulaions on your graduation kak Diva! Good luck for you. Have a great study time in Philippines.
Can't wait to see you in coming up post ;)


Dominique B. said...

Welcome to the Philippines pretty girl!!! :P Hope you enjoy your 4-year stay here in our country! Goodluck on your college! BTW, What course are you gonna be taking in Siliman U.? XD