Indonesia - Philippines

It's so nice to be in Philippines.
But I still miss living in Indonesia. How I miss Indonesian's food. Spicy, a lot of spice, sour, bitter, sweet are all in one in Indonesian's food. You must try the food if you haven't gone to Indonesia yet.
It could be unforgettable food you have tried ever! lol

Ayam goreng + sambal korek

Ayam goreng + bebek goreng

Gulai kepala ikan kakap

Mie ayam
Nasi goreng

Some pictures from previous photoshoot which I've never been posted.

Tote parachute coat / Unbranded tanktop / Hi-waist jeans

Not only Indonesian's food that I miss, but my friends and my bf too. Haha..
Now I'm in Long Distance Relationship with my bf. Sad for sure, but It's okay!
Bismillah :)

Love, xo


Dominique B. said...

now i'm hungry! haha these dishes look so yummy!



inge luciana said...

it must be a great experience living in other country except Indonesia.
cheer up girls,.
that's what we call homesick :)

Kat said...

i've never been to either.. but they both seem so nice. and the food looks delicious!

that last photo of you is so beautiful, you look like a model.

Dana Paramita said...

why you choose Philippine for your next studying? let me know :)

valonia irene said...

sorry for take a long time for me to visit your blog since your last comment in mine, been so busy :(
wah I've been in long distance relationship too and it's kinda hard at the beginning hehe
anyway, love your blog :)

LOVE JOICE said...

Those food look delicious! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

Holly said...

I am so hungry now...food looks great and so do you!

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