Brown Day

Two days ago, I went to my aunt's home because there was my aunt from US there. My mom ask me to came there and chat and ask her about US's life xoxo :)
Finally, I decided to go there and went there by taxi because my mom went to my aunt's home this morning.
After arrived, I took photos immadietly. And this is it!

me, my aunt from US, Nico, Sekar - my little sister, my aunty

From there, I went to William Both Hospital ( Central Java Eye Centre ). What for I went there? Because my glasses broke and I cant see well haha.
And then I went to Optic and choosed new glasses.

This is my new glasses!

Tadaaaaaa! This is me ( ugly, isn't it? ) hahaha

What I wore :
. white tee . black jeans . vintage bag . scraft . watch . brown ankeboots .

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