Happy Halloween!

These are some of my favorite shots from Halloween's shoot I had few days ago in Dumaguete Belfry with a friend of mine. This place was actually the oldest known bell tower in the province located just in downtown area. You can see how creepy it looks, obviously because it was built in 1811 and has a lot of historical meaning. People don't really go here because it looks abandoned and scary. Well, we were here to capture some lost souls. We might have pictured them out, did you see any? :)


I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

xo, Diva.


jiro14 said...

Such beauty. :) <3

Ayu Adiras said...

you are really pretty. love your pretty skin tone omg. so fabs. kindly check out my blog :3

xo Diras,
fashion blogger on

Sonya Ann Kovaleswani said...

woaaaaa so cool!!!! <3


Rachella - flourishingfit.com said...

This is such a cool shoot! X


orangbiasaji said...

so pretty and so classic ..
nice dress with briliant concept

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angkisland said...

wow very cool...like ur concept...awasome...

breaktime.co.id said...

woww nice model sist

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