How We Do

 I just felt like mixing the pattern between stripes and leopard. Not bad, right? :)
And These outfits pictures were taken way back after Mags Fashion Show.
I was hoping to see some incredible street styles on the runway but then it was not as awesome as I wanted. Oh well :|

Forever21 - jacket / Vintage boots / Gifted dress / Eiboo bag

Anyway, classes already started finally! It was delayed because of the Super Typhoon Yolanda that hit Visayas area here in the Philippines. Good thing, the storm did not really hit my city though but a lot of people are missing until now, 10,000 people died and those who survived are starving, children orphaned and they lost everything. But then, I read the news that bad people robbed the goods for the victims when the volunteers were on the way. Tsk, heartless people do still exist.
Let's pray for the Philippines and also help in any way you can!

xoxo, Diva

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Putri Valentina said...

love your shoes and outer so much!