Wow! It's already December. Time flies so faaaasssttt!
I've been spending almost of my days with study, study and study. And shopping of course! Looking these gorgeous nail polishes, should I buy one of them?
Shopping is kinda medicine for girls, huh? Room around the stores and find the cool thing(s) are really addicting for me and also online-shopping! Who's agree with me? :)
Just found my wardrobes room overloaded of clothes, bags and shoes. OMG!  What should I do? Anyone wants to adopt those? Hahaha.

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xo, Diva


Theonlyfashionprincess said...

wow that make up is so gorgeous

Ivy Sie said...

I'm so agree with you about shopping:p

I'm ur new follower :)
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keep in touch with fashion said...

amazing make-up but so difficult!!
love gold nails
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