Good bye 2010

Hey sweet!
Counting the days until New Year Eve! 1 day more! Excited :D
Lately, I've been thinking, talking to myself about me, my life, my future life and anything. About achievement during this year.
A lot of moments happened in this year, in 2010. Have I reached some goals in this year? I think, not really. I dont know exactly, maybe Im too young or too childish to think about hard life out there.
And now, Im aware about all of my life. Yes, I have to be care. I didn't remember what I had done, maybe only a few.
1. I could earn my money by myself. I sold a lot of (really a lot of) stuffs and goods in my online shop. My mom said that I had a really good enterpreuner soul. Yes, and I admit it.
2. I could buy anything that I want by my self too. And the most important point, I could stay by myself almost 1 years without my mom's money. I think, thats great! :D
3. My school was good in this year. Really good! I got 3rd ranking in the class. Alhamdulillah :) But dont get satisfied easily! Keep studying and do the best!
4. In 2010, Im 17 years old. Had ID card, driving license and Im realize that Im older. Haha..
I cant remember all of the moments that I got, but next year? I will! :D
Thinking about make a resolution for 2011. Hmm...I will tell you on the next post! :D

xo, Diva


ching said...

wow what a great year you must have had. more blessings to come in 2011!

christie said...

all the best for 2011

hope you had a nice christmas

xxx christie


Yajaira said...

great 2010 was a good year for you..
hope in 2011 you accomplish a lot more...
i have a lot of plans in mind to..
like starting an online shop too with my own designs..
hope you follow..

Yajaira said...

oh and i would love to see your online shop.. if you send me the link..

Heis said...

You can be proud of yourself. You achieve very important goals. To be independent a little bit and working for your future>school!

Keep on rocking!


Holly Golightly said...

Sounds like a great 2010. Hope 2011 treats you just as well!

Polka Princess said...

Hey!! Happy New Year sweetie!!! :)

May the coming year be rocking & awesome!! Cheers!

Ribka said...

Happy New Year!! :)

Tabitha said...

happy new year dear, have a blast 2011 :)


christie said...

happy new year - hope you have a wonderful 2011 :)

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xx Christie

ailovesamore said...

hello diva :)
happy enjoying 2011

the best for you in this year :))



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t a l i s h a said...

happy belated new year too!xoxo.

MAUD said...

happy new year!

inge luciana said...

hai..best of luck in 2011
happy new year

Ellen Farida said...

Happy new year :)


flashingfashionx said...

I can never think of new year resolutions either.

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inge luciana said...

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