White - Blacky.

Went to my friend's birthday in SP last wednesday. Happy Birthday, friend! Have a blast.. :)
Can you guess about party's theme? :p

. Zara loose dress was worn as top . Thrifted polka rolled up pants . Unbranded tiny belt . Unbranded black oxford shoes. Marc Jacob tote bag .

Im so sorry for bad photos. No lighting there :(
Still spending my times with study and study. Ah I need resfreshing right now! But it is a must, right? Im a 3rd grade SHS student, and I have to study harder, harder and harder.
Sometimes, I give motivation for my self and think "I have to hard working now and if I do, I will get a great result and have a great future." :)
Wish me luck, guys!

xo, Diva


shinta hawa thandari said...

hey there.. thanks for following and commenting on my blog.. anyways, i've followed your blog too.. :)

Lia Waroka Putri said...

the rolled up pants really comes together with the top!barbiejunk

inge luciana said...

I like ur pants, loos so great with ur top :)

Diva Putri said...

@ Shinta : Thankyou for folloing me and giving comment :)
@ Lia : :)
@ Inge : thankyou dear

Ribka said...

Me too. I have to study harder and harder again -___-

michelle_ said...

great pants !

thanks for the sweet comments !

Stevia said...

happy birthday to your friend!
i love your glasses
geeky chic ;)


Diva Putri said...

@ribka : are you 3rd grade student dear?
@michelle : thankyou dear
@stevia : :)

Ellen Farida said...

Hi blog walking ;) nice to know you..

Visit mine too,


Cheerz :D