Wohoooo! I did a Try Out test to enter STAN this morning with my boyfriend at Satria Stadium. I think, the test was so difficult! Aarghh, I could not explain how difficult it is.
But no problem, because I just tried and wanna know about the spesific test. Very crowded there, a lot of people from different regions.
This is the photos was taken before the test has begun.

Very crowded, right?

Maybe, some of you is bored with my Senior-High-School Student post. Yeah, me too actually. I wanna enter to the university quickly without National Examination haha :p
But its very impossible. I hope, I can get a great (really great) university, Aminnn.Wish me luck, people! :)



Dorothy Souhuwat said...

thx,,so wanna exxchange link??

F i K a said...

you know what?senior high school is the best momment in life :D
when you become a college student,you will deal with a lot of paper and works..haha

but,it's normal :)..when I'm at your position I always want to go to college..when I'm in college,I always want to graduate and get a job..and when you get a job,you'll missed your senior high school time ;)

so, enjoy your time!! :D

Diva Putri said...

@dorothy : ok dear. I've done. Do you wanna exchange link and follow me too? :D

@fika : haha I think so, many people around me said like that. Thankyou kak for giving suggest and comment :)
I've followed you. Do you wanna follow me back kak? hehe :)

Agustina Selviana said...

SMA ngebosenin masa? masih smp nih jadi gabisa ngerasain :p
thanks for your comment ya, followed! oke let's exchange link and follow me back :)

Diva Putri said...

hihi ya sebenernya nggak juga sih sayang, krna aku uda klas 3 aja makanya bosen, males belajar haha
oke thankyou ya dear, aku uda follow kamu juga kok :)